Underground Demolition has completed several projects for us with excellence. I have been very pleased with Underground’s work on projects ranging from residential selective structural demolition to mass clearing to complete building demolition to excavating work. To say that Underground demolition has gone over and beyond to make sure that their work is performed with excellence is an understatement. Below are the reasons why I look forward to a long partnership with Underground:

Pre-Construction: With the amount of experience that Underground Demolition has, they are my one-call when it comes to developing initial construction budgets. They are able to incorporate the project’s individual site logistics, schedule, location and special needs to come up with a fair and realistic price on the project. They are able to highlight potential issues that I might not have caught. Due to the amount of experience that they have in their field, these issues are able to be solved in the pre-construction phase long before they would turn into problems. Due to their amount of varied demolition experience, I feel confident when I call upon them for any project that involves demolition whether it is very delicate selective demolition (keeping buildings weather-tight during demolition phase, etc.) politically sensitive demolition (along a property line where neighbors are waiting for a mistake to halt the demolition process, etc.) to mass clearing.


Safety: There is a whole array of potential hazards during the demolition process. Everything from protecting the structural integrity of the adjoining structure to verifying utility disconnections to providing proper barricading around the demolition area must be carefully studied. Underground demolition has never come onto a project without doing their “safety homework” and having a game plan on how to deal with issues that are unique to a project. They are vigilant that safety remains a priority throughout the entire de-construction process. Their house-keeping, which I’ve seen turn into a real safety issue with other demolition companies in the past, on a project is un-matched. They take pride in making sure that their sites remain organized and reasonably clean throughout the entire process. House-keeping being something that is most easily recognizable to our customers, I have had several owners/ general contractors ask us to pass along a compliment to Underground on this.


Professionalism: This is another item that I have had multiple compliments from owners/general contractor’s on. There have been at least two projects in the last year where Underground was doing the demolition for us on at the same time that the general contractor had another company completing other demolition work directly for them on. On both of these projects, the general contractor pointed out that there was a huge gap on their level of comfort with Undeground Demolition and their own directly contracted firm. They have requested Underground Demolition’s contact information for other projects that they have coming up that might not involve site work.


Project Close-out: There has never been a time that Underground Demolition has de-mobilized on a project before making absolute certain that we are satisfied with their work. They have gone over and beyond without question to make sure that every detail of their work has been completed and that they have been a blessing to have worked with. More than once, I have turned down a project because of the general contractor not allowing the demolition work to be in our package. With Underground demolition, I know that care has been taken to make sure that debris/foundations/etc. have been removed and not looked over. I know that, in the rare instance where a misc. footer or other item has been accidently buried which can easily happen, that they will quickly make right so that our work can continue without delay.  


If you have any questions regarding our great experience with Underground Demolition, please do not hesitate to call me. I can be directly reached at (513)739-2475.




"To say that UNDERGROUND Demolition has gone over and beyond to make sure that their work is performed with excellence is an understatement."

Underground Demolition LLC has provided demolition and related services to Ohio Receivers Group and other clients for several properties in Greater Cincinnati and their work has been consistently above par.  Chuck, Jason and Doug are consummate professionals and I look forward to continuing to using and referring  their services.




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